There is a selection of mobility products for the bathroom to aid those who struggle whilst bathing. There are products that can help cater for people with all kinds of problems from those who struggle to getting in and out of the bath to those who have trouble turning the taps on. Here are some accessories for the bathroom that can be fitted into any ones bathroom to aid them whilst bathing;

- Disabled BathroomSteps or rails – These aid those that have trouble when getting in and out of their bath. They are fitted either above the bath or at the side to make it easier to pull your self in and out of the bath. It is thought best fro them to be professionally fitted to ensure they are fitted securely and are safe for use.

- Tap turners – These are fitted to all taps in the bathroom and are for those with a weak grip they are long handles that provide more leverage for those that struggle.

- Bath lift – This is another piece of equipment for those that don’t have the ability to get in or out of the bath it electronically lifts the person out and in. They are usually battery powered but will not lower the person using it in to the bath if the battery doesn’t have enough power to lift them out again, so meaning the person will not get stuck in the bath if the battery ran out during use.

- Bath thermometers – These sit in the bath and give an accurate reading of the temperature at a glance so you don’t scold your self, these are widely used with carers and other health professionals when caring for the elderly.

- Disabled Bath LiftRaised toilet seat – These are used for those that have problems sitting or standing and increase the overall height of toilet and means the person using it doesn’t have to lower them selves as low so making it easier to stand they are usually accompanied by a rail to the side to give the person leverage for standing again.

- Shower wheel chairs – These give those with mobility problems some independence when showering. They are a self propelled wheel chair that functions the same as a normal wheel chair apart from arm rests are removable and they are also completely water proof.

There are plenty of other products available on the market today for those with mobility problems that can give the person more independence when it comes to washing and other such tasks.